Image Background Removal

Background Removal Services

Need to remove image Background Removal  or are you looking for image background removal? Not a problem. Blitz Image Editing Studio can remove any image background. Our highly experienced artists have been masking background for over 5 years, providing customers who want to remove background service with isolated images that are clean, clear, and ready for printing. The image may have unnecessary background details which are required to be removed. Process the source images by removing unwanted background which means extract the product only by using pen tool and creating clipping path and finally adding a uniform background color.
Most images are scanned or clicked using a digital camera that has to be processed before they can be used for print media, webpage etc. Scanned images also required image cleaning.

The main purpose of the Image Background Removal is to extract some part of an image i.e. “the object” and remove part that is unwanted, i.e. “the background”. Use of brush to remove background is most awful way of doing it. There is a particular masking tool that is used to remove the background.

Backgrounds for an image may be added, removed or modified. Our range of textured backgrounds, environmental effects can make your image stunning.

Photo background removal is comprehensive process. We use new technique for Image Background Cleaning services from digital images. Background removal is an important first step to get desire results for the images. Once the background is subtracted from the image, we enhance the image to look good. As seen in the examples below, the objects are removed from the background, thus giving the photograph much brighter and clean look.

Blitz Image Editing Studio can handle all type of background removal projects including complicated image masking, below is an example of our image background removal service.